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 a recipe (Unit 4)

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a recipe (Unit 4) Empty
PostSubject: a recipe (Unit 4)   a recipe (Unit 4) Icon_minitimeThu May 27, 2010 11:25 am

Ab eshkene (Ab shambalile)
(It is ethnic dish in shiraz)

1)One onion 2)A little salt 3)A little spice 4)A little pepper 5)A little oil
6)Two tablespoons of shambalile 7)Four eggs 8)Three glasses of water

First: put bowl on oven that it becomes warm.
Then: chop the onion and put it in bowl.
Next: add oil, spice, pepper, salt, and shambalile.
After that: add water.
Finally: when the water boils you must add eggs and wait untill the eggs become hard.

You can eat it with raw onion, lemon and some vegtables.
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a recipe (Unit 4)
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